Doctors who torture: the pursuit of justice


wir möcht­en auf die neue, englis­che Pub­lika­tion von Steve Miles als eBook vo 04.04.2015 aufmerk­sam machen: “Doc­tors who tor­ture: the pur­suit of jus­tice”.  Es ist für 9 USD online zu kaufen.

Hier kön­nen Sie den Klap­pen­text lesen:

Mod­ern tor­tur­ers need the assis­tance of med­ical doc­tors. Doc­tors keep pris­on­ers alive who are not sup­posed to die. They invent tech­niques that do not leave scars. They fal­si­fy death cer­tifi­cates and med­ical records to con­ceal tor­ture. Their pres­ence at the side of the tor­tur­er destroys a prisoner’s hope. This book tells the glob­al sto­ry of tor­ture doc­tors from the end of World War II to today.
More impor­tant­ly, it tells about a new human rights move­ment that aims to bring these doc­tors to jus­tice. This human rights move­ment is gain­ing momen­tum. It aims to sev­er the part­ner­ship between tor­ture and medicine.
Dr. Miles is an inter­na­tion­al­ly known expert on doc­tors who tor­ture. He is a pro­fes­sor of Med­i­cine and Bioethics at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Min­neso­ta. He is on the Board of the Cen­ter for Vic­tims of Tor­ture in Min­neapo­lis. He cre­at­ed “The Doc­tors who Tor­ture Account­abil­i­ty Project.” His most recent book was “Oath Betrayed: America’s Tor­ture Doctors.””